We have come to realize that without sisterhood our chapter wouldn't be as strong as it is! In order to continue this tradition, each semester our Sisterhood Director, Nicole Aqshlomo, plans multiple events per month for all of us to come together as a chapter!


Sisterhood Events:

Orange Theory Fitness Workout- Together we burned over 1,200 calories!

Movie Nights

Valentine Cupcake Decorating Sisterhood

ZTA Field Day Sisterhood

XBOX Tournament- “Just Dance” game

Sign Making for Line Dance/Cheers for Charity/Crown Classic/Race to Live

A trip to the Tallahasse Zoo

Fun Station Sisterhood

Scrapbooking for seniors

Nail Party Sisterhood

Senior Dinner

Zeta Zumba

Easter egg decorating 

Wonderworks Sisterhood Retreat in Panama City, FL

Pre-Crown Classic sisterhood tailgate

Grab a Sister Valentine's Day party

Attending the Circus together 

Weekend at the County Fair 

Attending ESPN's College Gameday

Sushi making sisterhood

Parfait making sisterhood to save pink yoplait lids 

Make-your-own Guac Contest

Valentines Day card making 

Visit to the Westminster Oaks Nursing Home

And many more!

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